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2019 Workshop Opportunities

CVL will be offering two workshops at the Lafayette Office training center.  These workshops are offered free of charge individuals who work with the organization and are offered on a first come first served basis.  Please complete the form below to register!  
STUDYING THE ORDINARY FOR ACTION IDEAS - Tuesday, March 5th   9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Many of the things that can make life better for people receiving services are common sense lessons that can be drawn from studying what makes life better for people in general. For example, if a person with disabilities support provider wants to help them make their home more homey, we can ask ourselves what makes the place where we live a better, more homey place? If we want to help a person to make friends at work, we can ask ourselves about how people get to know each other at work, and how coworkers come to be friends? This workshop explores ways that we can study the common sense lessons of how life works for people in general, and how we can use these lessons in organizing our service to people with disabilities.
People receiving services need friends from outside the usual circles of family, staff, and other service recipients. If the people we serve are to have such friends, their staff and their families will need to support them in meeting people, deepening relationships, and preserving friendships. This workshop explores why friends are important, offers examples of the power of such relationships, and suggests approaches that service workers and family members can use to increase opportunities for friendship.
PRACTICUM FOR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLANNING - Thursday, March 7th   9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Day three, for which attendance at both days one and two are required, will be a work session to plan relationship development for specific individuals.  The session will begin with deep exploration of how to create relationship-building plans that are relevant to an individual's relationship needs and opportunities as well as the kinds of support they require.  Following this, small groups will form to practice planning around specific individuals.  This will include analysis of needs and opportunities, drawing lessons from ordinary life about how to take advantage of the opportunities, defining the nature of the supports to be implemented, and completing specific, concrete action plans that address relationship needs.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Tom Doody has been involved with disabled people for over thirty-five years. He has worked in a variety of services in direct service, management, and consultative roles. For the past thirty years he has been actively involved with Social Role Valorization training, and is an associate of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger (the originator of Social Role Valorization). For the past twenty-five years, part of his work has been to encourage families and agency staff to actively promote freely-given relationships. His main work during this period has been as coordinator of North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy, an organization exclusively focused on recruiting and supporting freely-given relationships between disabled people and their non-disabled neighbors.

**Please select each workshop for which you would like to register. Remember, in order to attend Workshop 3 you must attend both Workshops 1 and 2.
Lunch is provided each day. If you have dietary requirements or other support requests for your workshop attendance please describe above.