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Creating A Full, Meaningful, And Inclusive Life Through Valued Social Roles


CVL will be offering a 2 & 1/2 day training July 17, 18 & 19 on Creating A Full, Meaningful, And Inclusive Life Through Valued Social Roles presented by Darcy Elks.  

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in supporting people with disabilities to have full and meaningful lives. Traditional supports are changing focus from sheltered sites to supporting people to be fully involved in their communities.  During this time of change, it is critical that there is clarity about how to think about the following questions: ”What is a meaningful, inclusive and full life?” and “What kinds of structures and supports are needed to promote belonging, purpose and fulfillment within one’s community, home, and neighborhood?”
The workshop will focus on the following topics:
·      The power and importance of a big vision of inclusive community and full, meaningful lives for citizens who have been marginalized 
·     Valued Social Roles as pathways to belonging and fulfillment within communities
·     Challenges that come with change to current structures and how to deal with these challenges
·     Experiences of people with disabilities, their families, and providers in creating meaningful and inclusive days
This workshop is intended to provoke thought, help to develop a vision from which to work, inspire positive action, and give some very concrete ideas with which to implement supports. The information in this workshop is helpful in supporting both adults and children to have full, meaningful, and inclusive lives. 
Workshop Format:
The workshop will be a combination of presentation, individual, and small group work.  
Darcy Elks 
Darcy is an educator, parent and advocate on behalf of people who are societally devalued.  She is an international consultant and has traveled to many different countries to advocate and teach ideas and actions that lead to full, meaningful, inclusive lifestyles for marginalized people. The focus of Darcy’s work is to encourage attitudes and structures which promote social value and inclusion for people who have disabilities and other people who have been devalued and excluded.  Darcy’s passion is to help create inclusive communities:  communities where we are all welcome and where we can each use our gifts for the good of one another. 

Lunch is provided each day. If you have dietary requirements or other support requests for your workshop attendance please describe above.