Four-Day SRV Workshop

CVL will be offering a Social Role Valorization (SRV) 4 day Introductory Workshop February 12 through February 15 at the Lafayette Office training center presented by Jo Massarelli and Joe Osburn.  

Social Role Valorization, Including 10 Related Themes: A High-Order Concept for Addressing the Plight of Socially Devalued People, & For Structuring Human Services
 This workshop is specifically oriented to leadership development and is Part I of a two part workshop. It introduces the learner to Social Role Valorization (SRV), using the 10 core themes developed by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, one of the most influential thinkers in the field of human services broadly, and mental retardation specifically. His work helped lay the foundation for many current human service trends, including integration, deinstitutionalization, and safeguarding of individual rights. 
A central goal of SRV is to enable socially devalued people to attain culturally valued roles, with an eye towards having a typical life and gaining access to all that typical citizens enjoy. SRV will be reviewed with the implications of its positive assumptions about the worth of all people and their belonging in our communities. Since competency and image enhancement are essential building blocks of valued social roles, both concepts will be thoroughly explained. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the typical life experiences of socially devalued people, with an eye towards deeper identification with the people they serve. A past participant said of this workshop, “This training has changed my outlook on human services and has provided me with a better understanding of how expectancies can affect success or performance. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions and educated experiences, it was a truly informative and beneficial training!”

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