To the CVL Community:

An Update Message to CVL Stakeholders
As the CVL community works together diligently to provide continuity of services through these unique times, we felt it was important to touch base regarding our efforts and unwavering commitment to those we support.   We defined early on that the role we play in many people’s lives is essential to their health and wellbeing and that we would make every effort to provide services without interruption.  This truth was reinforced by the definition given in Governor Holcomb’s Stay-at Home Order, where it was recognized that helping those in need was a necessary exception to this directive.  We are focused to keep those we serve safe and healthy by providing ongoing support in ways that protect everyone involved. 
We have provided guidelines and protocols designed to help find creative and safe alternatives for many of the tasks we perform.  For example, quarterly and annual meetings that do not require face to face contact are now being conducted online or over the phone.  Technologies such as Facetime and texting are being used as alternative forms of contact and support.  Many supports we provide are necessarily still being done live and in-person.  We continue to directly help people access needed medical care, obtain groceries, secure and manage medications, and stay safe and healthy.  Many of those we serve would not be able to manage these things without this assistance.  We have always mandated training for our staff on methods for preventing the spread of disease.  These protocols have been further highlighted and reinforced in relation to the current pandemic to ensure everyone’s safety as we carry out these essential activities.
The current situation has an impact for our workers and their families in a direct financial sense. Some people we serve turn to family during this time for care and support and services that are not necessary are eliminated for protection, therefore staff are not able to fill their weekly schedules with the number of hours to which they are accustomed.  This can be tough on a family who depends on that income to survive.  We are staying on top of initiatives such as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act that will provide options for financial assistance so that they can be available for our team.  We have also created a unique way of providing relief in the form of partial compensation for lost hours called Assurance Pay to help fill the void created by these schedule disruptions.  While no single individual, agency, or government entity can solve the effects of this scenario, we will continue to work to make sure we are part of a combined solution so our people are taken care of.
Through the creative use of technology we remain open for business and are accessible by phone and email. We welcome your feedback and encourage communication as we work together to take care of one another during this stressful and unprecedented time.  We wish you and those close to you all the best.  Together we will weather this storm.

A Practical Guide for Implementing the CVL COVID-19 Response

For some time, we have been accustomed to providing support to the individuals with whom we work in fairly typical ways.  Though we try to remain engaged and alert, it is easy to fall into routines and patterns.  The current international health crisis demands that we stretch out of our comfort zones and implement more creative ways to ensure the health and safety of our folks.  Many of them may not fully understand the situation and its risks.  They may become bored, restless, or frustrated.  They may also become fearful and stressed.  It is our job to be prepared to offer support across the full spectrum of possible reactions we may encounter.  The information contained in this resource is meant to be specific and practical so that you can use it in your own life and be ready to share what is needed to meet the needs of the people you work with on a daily basis.
First, some CVL-specific practical changes in the way we do things:


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