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SRV Training

Our philosophy is based on the theory of Social Role Valorization, or SRV. At Community Ventures in Living we believe that everyone is entitled to the good things in life and one tool we use to ensure this is SRV. Through SRV training our staff is introduced to a variety of approaches that are used to help individuals with developmental disabilities create positive social roles. This enables these individuals to enjoy the benefits of their community and become truly valued members.

Sponsored Training

As a companion to SRV, Community Ventures in Living also trains staff in PASSING. This intensive instruction is focused on realizing the positive outcomes that are achieved when service is based on the practices of Social Role Valorization.

Foundation for a Valued Life



We are excited to be preparing for the 2021 launch of the SRV training video series entitled, “Foundation for a Valued Life.”  Although we started to roll these out in 2020, COVID-19 had other plans.  That’s ok.  It gave us a chance to complete the entire 12-video package, so now we are ready to go.

Each month we will be highlighting a different video and focusing on the themes it contains.  The goal is to translate those themes into real changes in the way we do things.  While each of us will view the videos on our own, we have plans and tools for facilitating practical discussions among teams to make the material relevant for what you do every day in your work.

There will be opportunities for you to share your successes in integrating the concepts and skills you learn through the video series.  These will be recognized and rewarded with monthly individual prizes and at the end of the year the region with the most contributions will win a catered meal!  Imagine that, we’re going to be learning and having fun all at the same time.

So, to get ready for the new year and the first training video we are asking you to watch the introductory video before the end of this month.  You will find it in Inspiravance where you completed all of your mandatory trainings, and it is called “Foundation for a Valued Life: Introduction and Welcome.”  It is quite short, but it will give you an overview of all that is to come.

We invite you to join us in this ongoing conversation about the ideas and perspectives that give meaning to our work and show us the way to having the greatest positive impact in the lives of those we support.  Come on!

The Power of Social Roles


Exploring the Power of Social Roles

An ­­­introduction based on Social Role Valorization

Creating Inclusive Lifestyles through Valued Social Roles


Creating Inclusive Lifestyles Through Valued Social Roles

A 2 Day Workshop Presented by Darcy Elks M.A.