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Some of the best ideas are discovered by listening.  When we really listen to what people desire, and seek to understand what is getting in the way of them attaining their dreams, then we are free to unleash our creativity to find innovative solutions.  This kind of innovation and creativity are hallmarks of the people affiliated with CVL.  The people that the organization serves, their families, the people who work for CVL and the community that surrounds us are all astounding resources for ideas, solutions and answers for addressing the barriers we face.  This form is one way to capture some of that power.  

  • Did you identify a barrier? Share it! Let's look for a solution.  
  • Know of a resource? Share it! - Let's see where it can be the most help.  
  • Have a creative idea? - Share it! - Let's make the most of it.
  • Have a problem? Share it! - Let's keep others from experiencing the same thing.


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