July Update

As you may know, the CDC revised its guidance on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, regarding the use of masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  In communities with growing caseloads, vaccinated and unvaccinated people are to return to masking in indoor public areas.  The concern is the Delta variant, which has become the dominant strain in the country, appears to be more highly transmissible.  In addition, it appears that those who are infected with this variant end up with a higher viral load.  In other words, when someone gets sick, they have more of the virus in their body.  And there is evidence that fully vaccinated people can have breakthrough infections of this variant.  When that happens, because there is more of the virus present, they may be able to transmit it to others.  This is different from the original strain of the coronavirus, which is not transmissible by people who are fully vaccinated.
So, what does this mean for CVL?  65 of the 92 counties in the state meet the definition of communities with growing caseloads.  Out of an abundance of caution and in response to the current CDC guidelines, we will be returning to a few of our previous safety protocols.  The main Lafayette office will return to restricted access to limit the number of people present at any one time, and so that we may screen all visitors for COVID symptoms.  Masks will again be required of everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, when social distancing cannot be maintained indoors in public settings.  This applies to the CVL offices and to our work in the community.
We realize this is a disappointing development.  Although we are all weary of this pandemic, we must continue to adapt and respond to the reality we face.  We urge everyone in the CVL family to do all they can to protect themselves, their families, and those we serve.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as appropriate.

CVL Sponsors Lafayette Aviators Again in 2021

Lafayette Aviators Sponsorship – 2021
CVL is proud to once again be participating in the life of the Greater Lafayette Community as a sponsor of the Lafayette Aviators Baseball Team.  At CVL, we believe respecting the dignity of each individual and facilitating access and opportunity for everyone makes the community better for all of us.  In other words, we believe the community is stronger when everyone is involved.
Community Ventures in Living: promoting dignity, opportunity, and community for all.  Because when everyone participates, everybody wins.
This year the Top Navigator Award recognizes individuals who promote and facilitate this kind of community involvement and integration.  Why is it important to recognize these folks?  Because what they do takes vision, effort, and courage.  It can be easy for any of us to ignore or avoid others who at first appear different from us.  But once you get to know someone, you realize you have much more in common with them than you might have thought initially.  And when everyone is welcomed into the life of the community, and everyone contributes to that community, the community is stronger, more vibrant, and more able to provide everyone with the good things in life that we all want.  In short, everybody wins!
Here’s an example: we serve an individual in his late 20’s.  He was living a pretty good life with his parents in their home.  However, his dream was to have a place of his own.  His grandmother bought into his dream and began helping him raise the funds that would be necessary to make it a reality.  His parents continued to coordinate with staff to help him develop the skills necessary to live more independently.  CVL joined in the vision of home ownership for individuals with disabilities and created a path where he could develop a credit history to one day qualify for a mortgage and realize his dream.  Everyone involved in this example helped to play a role in expanding opportunities for this individual to be a part of the community in new ways.  Any one of them would be a worthy recipient of the Top Navigator Award.  The individual could also be recognized for his courage in breaking out of traditional limitations and serving as a role model for what can be possible.
We invite you to think about people you know who affirm the dignity of others and work to create more and better opportunities for them to access and engage in the life of the community.  And think about those who take advantage of these opportunities to blaze new trails of equality and inclusion.  Together, let’s recognize and celebrate those who work to make sure that in our community everybody wins.  Please take time to fill out the nomination form and recognize someone who make our community a better place to live for us all.

Lafayette Aviators Top Navigatior Award

Comminity Ventures in Living is excited to announce that our sponsorship of the Lafayette Aviators continues into 2021.  

As part of our 2021 theme:



Foundation for a Valued Life



We are excited to be preparing for the 2021 launch of the SRV training video series entitled, “Foundation for a Valued Life.”  Although we started to roll these out in 2020, COVID-19 had other plans.  That’s ok.  It gave us a chance to complete the entire 12-video package, so now we are ready to go.

Each month we will be highlighting a different video and focusing on the themes it contains.  The goal is to translate those themes into real changes in the way we do things.  While each of us will view the videos on our own, we have plans and tools for facilitating practical discussions among teams to make the material relevant for what you do every day in your work.

There will be opportunities for you to share your successes in integrating the concepts and skills you learn through the video series.  These will be recognized and rewarded with monthly individual prizes and at the end of the year the region with the most contributions will win a catered meal!  Imagine that, we’re going to be learning and having fun all at the same time.

So, to get ready for the new year and the first training video we are asking you to watch the introductory video before the end of this month.  You will find it in Inspiravance where you completed all of your mandatory trainings, and it is called “Foundation for a Valued Life: Introduction and Welcome.”  It is quite short, but it will give you an overview of all that is to come.

We invite you to join us in this ongoing conversation about the ideas and perspectives that give meaning to our work and show us the way to having the greatest positive impact in the lives of those we support.  Come on!

Positive COVID case report

Community Ventures is required to submit information regarding positive cases of COVID.  This form allows the reporting of any individual served or direct support staff who has been diagnosed with COVID.

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