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Lafayette Aviators Top Navigatior Award

Comminity Ventures in Living is excited to announce that our sponsorship of the Lafayette Aviators continues into 2022.  

As part of our 2022 theme:



Community Ventures in Living: promoting dignity, opportunity, and community for all.  Because when everyone participates, everybody wins!  This year the Top Navigator Award recognizes individuals who promote and facilitate this kind of community involvement and integration.  Why is it important to recognize these folks?  Because what they do takes vision, effort, and courage.  It can be easy for any of us to ignore or avoid others who at first appear different from us.  But once you get to know someone, you realize you have much more in common with them than you might have thought initially.  And when everyone is welcomed into the life of the community, and everyone contributes to that community, the community is stronger, more vibrant, and more able to provide everyone with the good things in life that we all want.  In short, everybody wins!

Community Hero

Community Ventures in Living is partnering with the Aviators to bring you the Community Hero of the Game Program. We encourage you to nominate someone you feel has made an impact in the community this year. Someone who has helped our community push through this pandemic and make it so we can have a 2021 season. The list of possible nominees is endless: nurses, doctors, health care workers, grocery store personnel, postal workers, and many more essential workers.  The Community Hero of the Game nominee will receive four tickets and in-game recognition during an Aviators home game. To nominate someone please fill out the form found on the Aviators website at https://lafayettebaseball.com/community-hero-of-the-game/

First Pitch

One lucky winner will be chosen to represent CVL by throwing out the first pitch at an Aviators home game.  Stay tuned for details and your chance to win.


As part of our sponsorship of the Aviators this year we have ticket vouchers that can be used by the greater CVL family to attend home games at no cost.  Please call us at the Lafayette office, or speak to a CSC, if you are interested in going to a game this summer.