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Electronic Visit Verifications, or EVVs, help us to collect data mandated by federal law. The 21st Century Cures Act requires us to record a verification of some of the services that we provide. All agencies that provide these types of services are required to collect this data, which is then sent on to the state of Indiana.

CVL provides several services that are effected by this mandate.  Specifically, these are Residential Habilitation (RH 10 and RH 20 only), Personal Assistance and Care (PAC), Attendant care and Respite services.  MID, the provider of the inFocus/inCare electronic note system that CVL uses, has developed an easy to use solution to meet the EVV requirements.  The solution includes a mobile application that allows you to check in and check out of your shift as well as automatically collecting the required location information.  By January 1, 2021 all the services effected by the EVV requirement must have EVV data for every shift provided.  Absent the appropriate data, these shifts are subject to rejection when billed to Medicaid.  This requirement is state-wide and effects all agencies providing these services in Indiana. 

An EVV collects three pieces of information: the time you begin your service, the time you end your service, and the location of your service. All of this is recorded through an application on your phone or tablet.

If you provide service requiring EVV and have not loaded the InCare Mobile application and begun using EVV, you will first begin by going to Inspiravance where you will find "Using the InCare mobile application" training.  It is a short training walks through the application installation and utilization.  If you have questions, you can find the section that includes frequently asked questions below to help you see answers to common questions. “EVV Help” is a form to submit a question or concern if you need further support.

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